Welcome to Aginnovation LLC, a US based company with a mission to deliver seed technology solutions and add value to local markets within the global agricultural seed sector. Our team of experienced professionals has logged over 20+ years in the seed industry working side by side with customers creating added value solutions to the ever changing agronomic markets.

Within today's economy one thing is constant, the need to feed the world will increase. According to the United Nations researchers, demand for agricultural output is projected to grow by at least 70% by 2050. This means farmers will need to produce more food in the next 40 years than they have in the last 10,000 years combined. Conversely, people are increasingly becoming aware of sustainable farming practices as the key to meeting the world's agricultural demands far into the future.

Pressure on resources, available land and technology are driving local markets to produce higher yields with less input. To achieve a sustainable agricultural balance, seed technology is one constant that will continue to evolve and deliver opportunities for growers to meet local market demands.
Aginnovation is positioned to partner with our customers to tackle the challenging demands the seed industry faces. Combining our seed technology solutions with our customers' high quality seed, genetics and value for local growers.

Thank you for visiting, we hope our web site information becomes a resource for your seed technology solutions and needs.

The US Aginnovation LLC Team

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