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Centor Oceania is a vibrant Australian-owned company that operates specifically within the global seed industry, bringing technological advances into a commercial reality. With a range of unique IP combined with high quality products, we aim to provide solutions to the local and global agricultural markets through seed applied materials, equipment, technologies and education, aiming to contribute to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly food production.

All Centor Oceania products and services includes the development of a range of seed applied materials under the Seedworx brand, including polymers suitable for film coating seeds and powder blends for pelleting seeds. Whether you require an all-in-one polymer or prefer to mix binder and colour separately, Centor Oceania has the solution. We also offer a range of seed coating equipment, from state-of-the-art to more economical models, specifically customized to suit your requirements.

Centor Oceania is committed to continual development of new and unique products in order to meet the requirements and demands of the ever evolving global, agricultural industry. Our products result in value adding in one of its simplest forms through the use of high quality filmcoats, encrustments and pelleting along with the technology, equipment, machinery and customer service to bring it all together.

We are able to mix and match technologies to meet your needs, ensuring that you acquire the right equipment, for your present and future needs, and the right products with the correct specifications at an affordable price. Offering superior technical support, we can develop protocols that work for you and offer training for all levels; from management to operator, from the quality control department to the sales staff and even to your customer if needed.


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Centor Oceania
76 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia 3201

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