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The Centor Group offers new technologies and products to you, each designed to improve those aspects of production delivered on and in the seed.

We offer a customized, growing range of seed coating materials in both liquid and powder forms. These products can be used in the standard film coating, encrusting and pelleting application methods.

There are also specialized products that are tailored to suit specific requirements in the application of nutritional and systemic acquired resistance products. Importantly, in modern trends, specific requirement are sought after for products that are compatible with, include, or promote biological actives.

The Centor Group has an objective of using seed as an efficient low cost delivery vehicle for everything a plant needs in order to maximize its genetic potential. We have an extensive range of products, systems and technologies to help you achieve this objective.

Considering the immensity of the global food challenge, growers are constantly challenged to sustainably raise production, while reducing costs. Talk to the Centor Group for solutions to your seed technology needs.

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