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and Quality Technologies

The Centor Group is a leader in seed quality testing and assessment. We have the knowledge, protocols, equipment, software and hardware to offer you seed quality testing at the highest level.

We have single seed measurement tools which can be used in the field or in the laboratory to ensure high germination, homogeneity, shelf life and strong vigor.

We have multi faceted high-tech separation technology based on liquid density, chlorophyll content, seed leakage, visual or X-ray analysis, etc.

We have the tools to help you rescue your inventory.

We have the experience, skills and technology to meet all your seed priming needs.

We have very modular and capacity-flexible equipment for liquid matrix disinfection and novel heat treatment technologies.

If obtaining the knowledge about your seed quality and the ability to make informed decisions is key to your business; speak to the Centor Group about how our solutions can help you rest assured.

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