track and traceTrack and Trace Technologies

The Centor Group offers a range of track and trace materials and products including multi level markers, systemic markers, labeling solutions, application measurement systems and readers.

Systemic markers can be used in a variety of ways including but not limited to precision agriculture and in research through the identification of target plants in situ.

The Centor Group offers cost effective, versatile, multi level marking technologies that can even be read in the soil to assist in the prevention of unauthorized diversion, false warranty claims and fraud.

Targeted solutions include the precise inline measurement and efficacy distribution of seed applied products.

Our patented QuantiMark technology is based on rapid, single seed quantitative analysis, enabling you to fine tune your coating operation.

We can work with you on a customized solution to your problem.

Protecting your seed investment, brand and integrity is paramount; the Centor Group is ready to deliver the peace of mind and protection your business needs.

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